MSHDA - Section 8


MSHDA has reviewed the utility allowance for the Section 8 program.  Pursuant to this review, the allowances in many communities has been increased.  According to Mr. Allen at MSHDA, there was a policy meeting earlier this week and a policy for seeking a reasonable accommodation in order to get the utility allowance increased immediately has been established and will be coming out soon. 

Mr. Allen says that each person with a disability who wants to seek this accommodation and have their section 8 utility allowance reviewed immediately needs to write to their local MSHDA person to ask for this reasonable accommodation.  The recommended language for this request is:

 Pursuant to the upcoming policy regarding reasonable accommodation for review of my utility allowance, I am asking that you review my current subsidy rate and make any increase in my utility allowance at this time rather than waiting until my review date.  The upcoming policy will allow for this to happen due to my disability.